Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Organize Your Classroom Library Check-Out Procedure

Have you ever struggled with your classroom library check-out procedures?  I've tried several different ways to have my students check out books from my library, but I haven't been completely satisfied with anything until two years ago.  I would typically glue library pockets to the front of a classroom cabinet and designate each pocket with a name label.  This continued to frustrate me because the library pockets wouldn't survive the whole school year and would have to be repaired frequently.  Then I had an idea.  I love to create classroom things using my home computer so I thought I could make a library pocket page on my desktop publisher. So I set off to create a notebook page with two student check-out pockets per page.  It turned out really well and the check-out pages last the whole year without needing to be replaced.  I place a library pocket inside each book in my library and create a card for each book using an index card that is trimmed to fit inside a library pocket.  This year I've used a nautical theme in my classroom.  Here's what my library notebook looks like.

Click here for:    
 Library Check-Out Page
Library Check-Out Back Page
Library Check-Out Cards

Use an Exacto knife to cut out the bolded line on the top of the pocket.  Then use scrapbook tape to adhere the library pocket to the back of the page front.  Make sure you align the library pocket to the opening of the page front.  Then adhere the back page to the check-out page and laminate.  Hole punch the page and place in a binder in your classroom library. 


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